Prestressed concrete structures


The primary aim of this book is to explain basic principles of the behaviour of prestressed concrete elements and structures. The book is designed mainly for students of civil and structural engineering and civil engineering professionals. It is assumed that the reader has already become acquainted with the fundamentals of structural mechanics, elasticity, plasticity, structural materials, elements of concrete structures and concrete structures.
The book is not limited to a particular national standard. This is not only because of a certain diversity of practices and methods applied in the profession resulting from the fact that national standards are either still effective or used by practitioners simultaneously with European standards. The main reason for this is the concern that the mere repeating or interpretation of what the standards provide might cause the message getting lost. Although no single standard has served consistently as a sole basis for this book, the reader will find on numerous occasions references to EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2, CEB-FIP 1990 and fib 2010 recommendations, from which the notation and terms have been adopted by the author. The text also contains a large number of references to US and old Czech national standards. The reason for this does not consist only in widespread use of US codes in practice but also in the fact that their provisions can help reader’s understanding of basic principles of prestressed concrete design.

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