Prequalified connections

Discover how IDEA StatiCa aligns with the AISC codes for prequalified connections in a collaborative study alongside The Ohio State University.

Key findings of the study

The objective of this project was to evaluate the behavior of seismic moment connections obtained from the IDEA StatiCa software – considering load resistance, rotation capacity, and moment-rotation response. 

Failure Mode Insight

Across diverse connection types, IDEA StatiCa consistently identified failure modes, aiding engineers in preemptive design against vulnerabilities and increasing structural safety.

Moment-Rotation Behavior Replication

The study highlights IDEA StatiCa's accurate replication of moment-rotation curves, providing engineers with a crucial understanding of connection performance under different loading conditions.

Accurate Connection Assessment

Through meticulous analysis of seismic steel connections, the study validated IDEA StatiCa's reliability in estimating moment capacities, exhibiting an average difference of around 5% compared to established AISC methods.

Software Validation

By comparing IDEA StatiCa's moment capacities with established AISC procedures, the study validates the software's accuracy in predicting seismic steel connection behavior.

Verification project

  • Five connection types were created and examined against baseline calculations and experimental data.
  • Design checks were performed according to AISC 341 (2016), AISC 358 (2016), and AISC 360 (2016).
  • Moment capacities and failure modes were modeled and analyzed in IDEA StatiCa.
  • Moment rotation analysis was performed in IDEA StatiCa and compared with the experimental data.
  • IDEA StatiCa results compared with a traditional FEA approach (ABAQUS model).
  • The results obtained from the experiments, AISC design calculations, IDEA StatiCa, and ABAQUS were compared and evaluated. 
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