Prequalified connections

Discover how IDEA StatiCa aligns with the AISC codes for prequalified connections in a collaborative study alongside The Ohio State University.

Verification project

  • Five connection types were created and examined against baseline calculations and experimental data.
  • Design checks were performed according to AISC 341 (2016), AISC 358 (2016), and AISC 360 (2016).
  • Moment capacities and failure modes were modeled and analyzed in IDEA StatiCa.
  • Moment rotation analysis was performed in IDEA StatiCa and compared with the experimental data.
  • IDEA StatiCa results compared with a traditional FEA approach (ABAQUS model).
  • The results obtained from the experiments, AISC design calculations, IDEA StatiCa, and ABAQUS were compared and evaluated. 
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