Precast engineer

Complex and safe beam design, including construction stages, details, and openings.

IDEA StatiCa for Concrete

Optimize precast member designs while ensuring code compliance and safety.
  • RC cross-sections for beams, plates, walls, columns 
  • General or predefined geometry (40 templates)
  • All ULS/SLS checks. Fire resistance checks
  • Composite concrete-concrete sections
  • Beams of any geometry. Non-linear deflections
  • Reinforcement concrete design and code-checks of walls and beam details 
  • Crack and deflection checks. Compression softening. Tension stiffening
  • Automatic detection of optimal reinforcement position

Design and check complex beams

No more struggling to deliver complex and safe concrete beam designs, including construction stages, details, openings. IDEA StatiCa Concrete quickly safety checks all of them and even covers specialties such as lateral stability check or shear stress check at the joint of composite cross-sections. Beam analysis and beam reinforcement was never so easy.

Our customers

Optimize reinforcement

IDEA StatiCa deals efficiently with all discontinuity regions such as walls, dapped ends, openings, hangings, brackets, and areas above supports. IDEA StatiCa lets you analyze any concrete detail and determine how much reinforcement is needed and where.

Complete reports. One tool

Working with multiple tools to generate all the checks for your reports takes up a lot of time. IDEA StatiCa Concrete generates and compiles ultimate and serviceability state checks (including interaction and fire resistance) into fully scalable and customizable reports.


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