Bridge engineer

Properly design discontinuity areas and cross-sections of any shape.

IDEA StatiCa for Concrete

IDEA StatiCa helps you design any bridge, no matter the complexity.
  • Design and code-checking of concrete beams in any topology
  • Create/analyze reinforced and prestressed concrete cross-sections
  • 1D/2D RC and PSC member design with all ULS/SLS checks
  • Composite concrete-concrete sections
  • Crack and deflection checks
  • Compression softening. Tension stiffening
  • Pre/post-tensioned members, 3D beams
  • Construction stages, time-dependent analysis
  • Any tendon topology, prestressing losses, prestressing effects

Design and code-check all your bridge details and sections

Solve complex cross-sections

Don't let your software limit your project. IDEA StatiCa Concrete helps you check reinforced concrete sections of any shape – typical, unusual, and even general cross-sections.

Complete design, analysis, and code-check, in minutes

Design and check atypical details

Discontinuity areas are often the most difficult to design and analyze. The unique calculation core in IDEA StatiCa Concrete can design and code-check beam details of truly any topology and compile the results into a complete report.

All the ULS/SLS checks your projects require

Simplify prestressing projects

Prestressed materials are exceptionally useful but equally complicated to safety check. IDEA StatiCa Concrete assesses time-dependent analysis, prestressing loss, creep and shrinkage, and non-linear creep so you can properly evaluate any prestressed member and prove its safety to authorities.

Complete reports. One tool

Working with multiple tools to generate all the checks for your reports takes up a lot of time. IDEA StatiCa Concrete generates and compiles ultimate and serviceability state checks (including interaction and fire resistance) into fully scalable and customizable reports.

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Head of Product Team
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