IDEA StatiCa 23.0 has hit the streets

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Our latest version, IDEA StatiCa 23.0, is finally here, bringing with it significant workflow and time-saving enhancements. Before you take it for a spin, here are just some of the highlights you can be applying in your concrete and steel projects very soon!

Great new features to shake up your reporting

Reports are a critical part of delivering any project. So, we have been tinkering with the IDEA StatiCa engine to fine-tune them even further. To help you add an extra layer of transparency to your code-check outputs, you can now see plate-alignment eccentricities as well as load effects, no matter whether they occur at the start or end of a member. And, are you one of those people who hate it when a report accidentally starts generating? Those days are no more. From now on, you only generate the reports you actually want to generate!

Reporting improvements

Imagine being able to design structures that fulfill AISC prequalification checks for seismic design and to actually see the checking in real-time. Sounds like the stuff of dreams, right? Our new Check of Prequalified Connection for Seismic Applications According to Code ANSI/AISC 358-16 feature allows you to do just this and solve problems as the occur, saving you significant time!

Qualification checks of seismic prequalified connections for AISC

What a wonderful weld

Since version 23.0, you can now model and check the welds between the plates of welded sections and make sure there are no dangerous local effects in play.

Check welds of welded sections

Even smoother meshing

Our Solver team has been hard at it again. Not satisfied with the previous version of the mesher, they have implemented CM2 MeshTools SDK to provide an even smoother meshing experience. The result? In the Connection and Member applications, you can enjoy greater precision in your analysis, meaning increased safety and clearer visualizations.

Member also boasts an update in the form of the triangular mesh. The resulting bigger mesh means results are less mesh sensitive with a lower amount of finite elements. This results in a faster calculation, presentation of the results and application’s response.

International Concrete improvements

For most Europeans, metric is king, but for the US and Middle East markets, imperial is the preferred unit of measure. Version 23.0 has overcome previous rounding limitations that arose when applying new entities to a model in metric units that then resulted in an unacceptable number of decimal places when presenting everything using imperial units. Now, dimensions can be rounded using your chosen unit system.

That is not all for international improvements. Those countries using ACI code, such as the US, can look forward to a new set of ACI 318-19-defined templates divided into Beams, Frame Joints and Walls. Simply choose the template you wish to use, and a new model containing the reinforcement, loads and combinations is generated. Plus, if feet and inches are selected, the grid is then correctly rounded in imperial units.

Less stress, more speed

What else have we up our sleeve? When it comes to running concrete SLS checks, it is now possible to omit stress peaks and still remain completely compliant with Eurocode. The impact is a code-check that still includes these ignored parts and provides satisfying results, with ensuring safe designs.

BIM interconnectivity gets a boost

Extending your workflow with BIM interconnectivity of IDEA StatiCa and your third-party solutions can bring obvious value. So, to make improvements in the quality and reliability, we have utilized our new BimApi solution.

But these are just some very attractive tips of the iceberg, check out the release notes to get the complete picture.

Global User Day 2023

Come and see version 23.0 in action for yourself at our Global User Day, which was held on May 4, 2023. See an exclusive demonstration of the key features by the team behind the release. Find out more here.

Take IDEA StatiCa 23.0 for test drive today