Section model view – drawings

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Structural engineers, designers, and detailers require clear visual outputs of their designs. Engineers want to generate “sketches”, detailers like to receive them, so they do not start the detailing from scratch. So, the possibility of drawing adjustments was one of the highly desired features. 

We introduced the Section model view as a brand-new feature in the IDEA StatiCa version 20, released in May 2020. With this improvement, you can easily define and modify section models in the main 3D scene window. 

Section model view can be printed to report or saved to a gallery for further usage.

Section model view – drawings

There is set an automatic generation of labels for welds and plates which describe the type and thickness of the weld and thickness/dimensions of the plate, respectively.

This feature is available in the Enhanced version of IDEA StatiCa Steel only. 

More about IDEA StatiCa version 20

The new version of IDEA StatiCa is the biggest implementation of customer feedback and wishes we have had in years. 

Except for the new online licensing system, version 20 brought a vast amount of improvements to steel connection design. Besides the section model view, you can enjoy about 110 new connection templates added to the starting wizard, brand new steel-to-timber connections, or usability improvements thanks to the cross-section library favorites

We continue to spread IDEA StatiCa to new regions; that is why the Indian and Hong Kong codes were added to the growing list of supported codes. 

Would you like to see more of the new features? Read full release notes for Steel or even better – watch the recording of the version 20 introduction webinar:

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