Timber connections (steel-to-timber)

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Steel-to-timber connection design used to be a required feature for a long time. Read more about the timber members joints analysis, its possibilities and limitations.

Steel-to-timber connection design is another step of enabling users to design and code-check various types of connections and members from multiple materials.

Example of steel-to-timber connections

Results on the connecting steel plates can be obtained. Code checks for the steel plates are available according to the chosen code. Code checks of timber members, bolts, and dowels are not delivered and must be performed by a third-party application. On the other hand, IDEA StatiCa Connection application delivers acting shear and tension forces on each bolt or dowel for the precise manual code-check.

See also the Theoretical Background article about Steel-to-timber joints.

Templates and manufacturing operations

Two new manufacturing operations were implemented for timber members – Gusset plate and Connecting plate. Users can make the selection in the Manufacturing operations menu.

Gusset plate and Connecting plate for timber members manufacturing operations

To help you with designing of steel-to-timber connections, new templates were added to the application wizard.

Steel-to-timber connection templates

Updates of the feature

Timber connections check was implemented in IDEA StatiCa version 20.0.

Since 22.0.1 patch, it has been possible to see the resultant grain angle for the bolt check. See the dedicated Release Notes 22.1 article.

Since 23.0.1 patch, the warning has been displayed to emphasize that the bolts going through the timber member are not checked (in the 3D scene and in Report).

Timber warning in 23.0.1

This feature is available for the Enhanced version of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

Webinars and other resources

Check out the possibilities of the timber connections check in practice in the recording of the Connection Wednesdays - Optimization of timber column anchoring webinar.

In our blog, you can read an article about Designing steel-to-timber connections from July 2020.

Take a look at the case study of a Family home in Massachusetts done by our customer - the CRAFT Engineers.

Family home in Massachusetts

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