midas Civil+Gen

midas Civil+Gen

Compatible Versions
2020, 2021

IDEA StatiCa works with your midas Civil and midas Gen. You can select any model in midas Civil and export it to IDEA StatiCa to model reinforcement and code-heck cross-sections. IDEA StatiCa and MIDAS give you an efficient workflow for your steel design that saves time and money.

Please note that MIDAS IT opens its API for each country specifically. As of now, the link works for Czech Republic and Slovakia environment of MIDAS Civil and GEN. To open the link in your country, kindly send an email to MIDAS IT and your local MIDAS reseller.

Please note that BIM link between MIDAS and IDEA StatiCa is available only for MIDAS customers with a valid maintenance contract.

midas Civil to IDEA StatiCa workflow

Workflow Concrete Structural Engineer FEA

midas Civil BIM link videos