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IDEA StatiCa is the world-leading solution for the structural design of steel connections, concrete details, and critical members.


This year, we were overwhelmed by the amount of impressive projects that were submitted for the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Awards 2023. 

From student, through newbie to experienced structural engineers, the standard of the shortlisted projects is high. Just select the entrants you think deserve to win this prestigious public award, chosen by you, our users, and vote. 

And remember next time, it could be you! 


Cut connection design time by up to 80%

Connection design is at the center of every steel project. So, stop making compromises. Steel connection design software IDEA StatiCa allows you to handle all types of bolted connections, welded connections, shear, axial and moment connections, and various steel connection details. 

  • Predefined templates for simple ones, visual modeling for the complex. 
  • Comprehensive reports. 
  • Automated BIM links with your FEA and CAD software.

Handle the complexity of concrete

Concrete design is tricky. Do not rely on simplified tools with a limited set of ULS and SLS checks in concrete projects. IDEA StatiCa is a software for analysis and design of all concrete members and details. Model, optimize reinforcement, get a report with all the code-checks. 

Structural design of a concrete beam with dapped end

A must-have for all projects

IDEA StatiCa provides critical structural design capabilities for every project. It also links with CAE/CAD software packages to import and export data for all project stakeholders, no matter if they are in-house or outsourced. This minimizes errors and repetitive work.

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IDEA StatiCa workflow with FEA and CAD applications

Real-life projects with IDEA StatiCa

10 Fenchurch Avenue, London, UK

ARUP used IDEA StatiCa on this 15-storey commercial development in London City with 4 basement levels, retail ground floor, a restaurant on the 14th floor and a public roof garden. Steel frame superstructure was done using plate girder beams and metal deck slab.
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394-foot (120-meter) St-Jacques street overpass, Montreal, Canada

Reconstruction of the Saint-Jacques street overpass spanning over the Décarie Highway (A-15) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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Anchorage design of steel spherical storage tanks, Canada

In this case study, Odan Detech Group presents a project that they have been involved in – stress analysis and design of a generic propane/butane storage sphere in a high seismic area.
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The Jakarta International Velodrome, Indonesia

Mott MacDonald — global engineering, management, and development consultancy company - used IDEA StatiCa extensively to analyze and design complex, earthquake-resistant connections for an iconic and very challenging project — The Jakarta International Velodrome, a venue for the 18th Asian Games 2018.
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Glass roof topping

The former Diamant fair (De Diamantbeurs) in Amsterdam, from now on Capital C, has been restored to its old glory after a radical renovation. This national monument has not only been returned to its original shape, but it has now also a new special roof topping made from glass and steel. A design by well-known architectural office ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects, structural design by Octatube.
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Meet IDEA StatiCa

Discover how IDEA StatiCa changes your steel connection design, forever. Patented technology inside, breath-taking user interface, complete code-checks, customizable reports. All according to AISC and other national standards.  

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Trusted by engineers around the world

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Safety first
Clear pass/fail checks for steel connection design. Complete analysis and design of concrete members. Customizable reports. Thousands of tests performed.
Save time
Slash time of designing steel connections and concrete members. Hundreds of templates, no limits to the geometry. Visual analysis of your designs.
Design confidence
Quickly assess the buildability of steel connections and concrete details at any phase of a project. Sell your work better to customers.
Leverage BIM
Minimize errors by synchronizing the steel connection design with your CAD or FEA applications. Import concrete members from the analytical model.

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