What is coming in IDEA StatiCa 20

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General highlights

  • The new online licensing system - no more hassle with installation
  • Upgraded Code-check manager for BIM links

Steel highlights

  • IDEA StatiCa can now generate “sketches” to speed up the detailing process
  • 110 new connection templates added to the starting wizard
  • Steel-to-timber connections can now be designed and checked
  • and many more...

Concrete highlights

  • Parametric templates of diaphragms
  • Partially loaded areas
  • UK National annex


Juraj Sabatka
Juraj Sabatka CEO
IDEA StatiCa
Vit Hurcik
Vit Hurcik Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Orsolya Kartali
Orsolya Kartali Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
The new version of IDEA StatiCa is here! It is the biggest implementation of customer feedback and wishes we have had in years. And that means something – IDEA StatiCa is used by over 3500 customers who share more than 4000 unique IDEA StatiCa projects every month.

This version brings an exceptional volume of new features and improvements. All that with our focus to enable engineers to work faster, evaluate the requirements of the national code thoroughly, and use the optimal amount of material.

For Steel applications, the main highlights are section model views, and timber joints. You can look forward to meeting the new features for concrete apps as well: parametric templates of bridge diaphragms and partially loaded areas. And we also implemented a new account-based licensing system.

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, we run two identical sessions: the first one at 11:00 CEST (Prague time), followed by another one at 12:00 PM EDT (New York time). Watch the recording bellow.

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