Moment connections: Wide flange to HSS Column by SCADD, Inc.

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Join the webinar and learn about

Join the webinar and learn about: 

  • Testimonial from William B. Supino, P.E., about his experience using IDEA to design HSS biaxial moment connections
  • Modeling process and boundary conditions used in two connections designed by SCADD, Inc. 
  • Results, challenges, and solutions for HSS moment connections
  • Q&A Session with William


Andrea Castelo
Andrea Castelo Product Engineer
David Eckrote
David Eckrote Director
Yann Gueguen
Yann Gueguen Regional Sales Engineer
William B. Supino, P.E.
William B. Supino, P.E. Principal engineer and Founder of SCADD, Inc.
Join us to learn from the SCADD Founder about a 'cantilevered' residential project where IDEA StatiCa helped design some custom connections. Together with William B. Supino, we will show you the modeling process of two unique connections and their results.

Webinar content

During the webinar Bill Supino, P.E., will explain how IDEA StatiCa helped him save time during the structural steel connection design process of the residential project. 

The project was a High-End modern residential project in the style of a cantilevered “Frank Lloyd Wright” home. It contained some custom connections in two directions which produced bi-axial bending. IDEA StatiCa was helpful in seeing how the stresses were distributed in these cases.

We will also show you the two connections' modeling process and the results obtained.

SCADD Inc is a structural engineering company located in Lady Lake, Florida. SCADD has over 25 years of structural engineering consulting and design development experience in the construction industry.

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