Connection Wednesdays - Fire Design Workflows

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Join the webinar and learn about

Join the webinar and learn about:

  • The fire design workflow according to the Eurocodes 
  • How to calculate the critical temperatures on connection plates 
  • How to calculate the critical temperatures on steel members 
  • How IDEA StatiCa steel streamlines this, once considered, laborious process 


Costis Hatzopoulos
Costis Hatzopoulos Support Manager
Marios Theocharopoulos
Marios Theocharopoulos Product Engineer
Fire design is indispensable for contemporary structures, ensuring the safety of occupants, safeguarding property, adhering to regulations, preserving business continuity, and fostering sustainability.

Primarily from a safety standpoint, fire design plays a pivotal role in averting or delaying structural collapse, thereby facilitating the safe evacuation of occupants in the event of a fire.

Fire design - overview of today's approach 

In this webinar, we will conduct a comprehensive overview of the code requirements pertaining to fire design, elucidating its significance in structural engineering.

Furthermore, we will demonstrate the practical application of the IDEA StatiCa Steel applications (Connection and Member), specifically focusing on the advanced technique known as the incremental method. This method not only ensures the accuracy and comprehensiveness of results but also enhances productivity by streamlining the calculation process.

Can BIM links help extinguish the fire?

The entire workflow will be exemplified through Checkbot, an advanced tool designed to streamline structural analysis processes. Checkbot seamlessly imports structures and their corresponding loads, synchronizes connections and members, and maintains a link with the original model.

This feature is invaluable in accommodating structural updates, a common occurrence in engineering practice.

What else?

If you like, you can also read a blog on the same topic - Avoid fire design hell: Ensure your project meets all safety requirements.

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