Code check for any steel connection at the BIM table

How often have you faced a situation where you were dealing with a difficult steel connection, that was not covered by the books? How often have you thought about optimizing a non-standard steel connection? Do you have to provide detailed model information in less time and wonder how to do it, while keeping your quality standards? Maybe it is time to explore how other designers do at the BIM table.

On Monday, September 25th IDEA StatiCa and Autodesk will present in a short webinar, how their customers use the latest technology to save time in connection design and code check, optimize steel connections and share precise model information between various platforms like Revit and Advance Steel.

Examples will include:

  • Export a complex roof steel joint from Advance Steel and check it in IDEA StatiCa Connection
  • Identifying non-standard steel connection in a Revit project with export to IDEA StatiCa for a thorough code-check

We will run the webinar twice: the first session at 10:00 CEST (Amsterdam time), followed by another one at 12:00 EDT (New York time). Register below for both at the same time and join the session that fits your day.

Join the Webinar and learn about:

  • Benefits of partnership between Autodesk and IDEA StatiCa for structural engineers and fabricators
  • BIM-based workflows for connection design which increase your productivity
  • How to safely check any steel connection acc. to the code
  • How IDEA StatiCa works with Advance Steel, Revit and Robot Structural Analysis


Udo Haedicke

Product Manager Structural Steel, Autodesk

Juraj Sabatka


Adam Kozousek

Product Engineer, IDEA StatiCa

Example 1 – non-standard steel connection in a Revit
Example 2 – complex roof steel joint from Advance Steel