Calculation of steel joint design resistance – reinvented!

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  • How to start using IDEA StatiCa quickly to design and evaluate the joints
  • How to interpret results of Joint design resistance
  • How to determine the reserve in the bearing capacity of joint
  • How to safely check any steel connection acc. to the code
  • Workflows with CAE and CAD programs


David Kucera
David Kucera Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
The structural engineer usually solves the task to design the connection/joint to transfer the known design load, but it is also useful to know how far the design from the limit state is, i.e., how big the reserve in the design is and how safe it is.

How can this be accomplished in IDEA StatiCa? The user inputs the design load like in a standard design. The software automatically proportionally increases all load components until one of the checks does not satisfy. This can be done simply by the type of analysis – Joint design resistance . The user gets the ratio of maximal load to the design load. Also, a simple diagram is provided.

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