A Deep Dive into Grasshopper and IDEA StatiCa Integration

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • A deeper understanding of Idea Statica and its application in structural analysis
  • Real project examples of Idea Statica and Grasshopper workflow
  • How parametric design can optimize your structural steel connections
  • Downloading Grasshopper project files with IDEA StatiCa models


Nathan Luke
Nathan Luke BIM Specialist
IDEA StatiCa
Krzysztof Wojslaw
Krzysztof Wojslaw Parametric Design Engineer
Learn Grasshopper
Combining Grasshopper with the IDEA Open Model (IOM) creates an extremely powerful platform for the parametric definition of complex connection geometry plus the automation and optimization of simple connections.

Join us for an insightful webinar and dive deep into using Grasshopper and IDEA StatiCa’s API (called the IDEA Open Model - IOM) to dramatically reduce design times from traditional workflows, especially where there is evidence of:

  • Similar connections that may differ slightly in geometry or loading
  • Constant changes in geometry and loading – i.e, high-volume design iterations

Our BIM specialist, Nathan Luke, with Krzysztof Wojslaw from Learn Grasshopper platform, will demonstrate and describe some of the primary features of the recently released IDEA StatiCa Grasshopper plugin, which has components directly related to creating the IOM as well as components that interact with the IDEA StatiCa Connection API.

We will demonstrate the support of SAF to IOM conversion directly in Grasshopper, which enables the direct import of any FEA model that supports the SAF file export. Using this, we will show an example that builds parametric connection information such as plates, cuts and welds directly on top of an imported model using parametrically defined geometry from Rhino/Grasshopper.

We will also look at some other user cases where the plugin can be used to perform automation and optimization in projects.

How to make it work?

IDEA StatiCa has developed the plugin with Rhino and Grasshopper. See the main resource page with tutorials and a setup article:

Webinar files

Download all the webinar sample files and projects, as well as the presentation.

More resources

Read a comprehensive blog on this topic with other real project examples - IDEA Open Model – Feel the future.

If you want to see more of parametric design in action, there are more recorded webinars to watch:

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