Connection Wednesdays – IDEA StatiCa Automated

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • IDEA Open Model (IOM) and IDEA Plugin API
  • API to automate connection and design generation
  • Linking IDEA StatiCa with Grasshopper3D


Vojtech Chalupa
Vojtech Chalupa CPO
IDEA StatiCa
Nathan Luke
Nathan Luke BIM Specialist
IDEA StatiCa
Are you an engineer looking to reduce the time it takes to create and design efficient and cost-effective connection solutions? This webinar will show you how to introduce advanced workflows into your daily connection designs by taking advantage of IDEA Open Model (IOM) and IDEA Plugin API.

Are you looking to cut the time between creating your FEA model and connection design? 

Join our webinar to learn about advanced workflows available to create and design connections using IDEA StatiCa IOM and API. These workflows can dramatically reduce design times from traditional workflows, especially where there is evidence of:

  • Similar connections that may differ slightly in geometry or loading
  • Constant changes in geometry and loading – i.e high volume design iterations

Vojtěch will explain where the IOM and API sit in the context to the overall automation and optimization workflows available.

Want to learn how you can optimize connection designs?

Recent improvements in saved template applications and the ability to modify operations properties through parameter definitions now provide an easier way to set up user-aided optimization of connection components through the IDEA Plugin API.

Nathan will walk through a C# project example of how to individually optimize the welds in a connection project. The example will allow you to get familiar with the IDEA StatiCa Plugin API ConnectionHiddenCheckClient interface and the available functions available to create, modify and calculate connections through code.

Are you dealing with complex geometry and visual programming interfaces?

We will also talk through some of the recent advancements to KarambaIDEA, a plugin for the visual programming tool Grasshopper3d.

Recent improvements now give the user complete control of connection grouping through Grasshoppers tree structures as well as advanced template application and parameter manipulation. Connections can easily be easily generated, calculated, and modified through Grasshopper. 

For more information ensure to visit, follow, and get involved in the IOM online community through our public GitHub Repository and Wiki - see the links below. Or browse our Support center for tutorials on connection design and BIM workflows.

Webinar handout and resources

Visit the IOM Wiki and the Discussion Board on the GitHub Repository.

See how to turn on the Developer Tools in IDEA StatiCa Connection.

Download the latest version of IDEA StatiCa.

Get the free Trial license.

Download free Visual Studio Community.

Download the KarambaIDEA tools and install them through the Rhino Package Manager.

Download all the examples and codes shown in the webinar.

Webinar recording

For the AISC version, please see the YouTube link.