Why IDEA StatiCa Connection?

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IDEA StatiCa Steel has been introduced to the engineering world in 2014. Since then, it brought to its users a true revolution and significant advantages on time-saving, productivity and safety of steel structures.

Watch this short video to understand the key features, methods used for the software, validation of results and case studies from all around the world:

IDEA StatiCa Connection can design all types of welded or bolted connections, base plates, footing, and anchoring. It provides precise checks, results of strength, stiffness and buckling analysis of a steel joint. Bolts, welds and concrete blocks are checked according to various codes of practice. Templates for most-used connections are available as well as a wide range of predefined hot rolled and sheet welded members.

New CBFEM method inside changes the game of structural joint design

Together with two top technical universities, we created a new method for analysis and check of steel joints of general shapes and loading. It is called the Component-Based Finite element model (CBFEM). After 5 years of primary research and theoretical preparations, the first version of the application was coded in 24 months and released in May 2014.

How CBFEM works

We combine two well-known and trusted methods used by engineers all around the world–the finite element method and component method:

  • Joint is divided into components.
  • All steel plates are modeled by the finite element method assuming ideal elastic-plastic material.
  • Bolts, welds and concrete blocks are modeled as nonlinear springs.
  • The finite element model is used for analyzing internal forces in each of the components.
  • Plates are checked for limit plastic strain – 5% acc. to EC3.
  • Each component is checked according to specific formulas defined by the national code, similarly as when using the component method.
CBFEM combines the finite element method and component method.

Validation and verification

Results of all tests performed to confirm the safety and reliability of the CBFEM method and IDEA StatiCa Connection are published and available. Visit our website to examine them. Professor Wald and his team are also publishing a book devoted to structural steel connections design using the CBFEM method.

CBFEM book - Component-based finite element design of steel connections