Structural analysis and design of steel connections

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This paper introduces CBFEM, a new method to analyze and design connections of steel structures. Design focused CM (component model) is compared to FEM (finite elements models). Procedure for the composition of a model based on the usual production process is used in CBFEM.

CBFEM results are compared to those obtained by the component method for portal frame eaves moment connection with good agreement. The design of a moment resistant column base is demonstrated by a case loaded by two-directional bending moments and normal force. The interaction of several connections in one complex joint is explained in the last example. This paper aims to provide structural engineers with a new tool to effectively analyze and design various joints of steel structures.

The paper was prepared by the team of Lubomir Sabatka, Frantisek Wald, Jaromir Kabelac, Drahoslav Kolaja, and Martin Pospisil and published by the Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, is. no. 9, 2015. 

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