New Connection Wizard

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The new version comes with better sorting of the starting Topology templates. You will find the open sections like I or L-shapes at the top, followed by the rectangular hollow sections topologies, and circular hollow sections at the end of the library.

In the Design section of the wizard, the proposed variants are grouped based on the expected behavior of the connection: Moment connections, Shear connections, and Truss connections. Of course, the option to start with a blank project is preserved as well.  

All this will help you to speed up the template selection process and improve awareness of the connection properties.

New Connection Wizard

The order of the templates in the Design section is dependent on the code selection, e.g., the Design templates order for AISC code is different than the EN code and other ones.

Available in Expert and Enhanced edition.


Release notes IDEA StatiCa Steel 20.1

Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete 20.1

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