License usage analytics in the User Portal

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Every customer can investigate, how his or her IDEA StatiCa licenses are used. In the User portal, the brand new category Analytics was added. Overviews displayed here will help to recognize how often the IDEA products are used within the office.

Analytics overviews:

Number of License sessions

License session is counted always when any license seat is occupied by running whatever IDEA StatiCa app. 

The number of License sessions depends on how many Products the user has activated in the License setting:

(In this example, four license sessions would be counted by starting any IDEA StatiCa app by this particular user.)

The user always has an option to Keep the products reserved for a longer time period, which can be set in the range of 1-500 hours after closing the app. It can be useful e.g. for planned work without an internet connection. 

With the option 'Keep products reserved' turned on, the license session will end by running out of the 'Check interval' time period (set in the User portal license setting). 

Otherwise, with the option 'Keep products reserved' turned off, the license session will end by closing the last active IDEA StatiCa app.

The check interval is set to one hour by default and can be edited by the license admin in the User Portal.

Number of License clashes

Clash is counted always when a user attempts to use a product while all the purchased license seats are occupied by other users.

The user can review the number of clashes in the history to be able to decide whether purchasing another license seat could help the users to be productive without waiting for others to release the seat.

Available in the IDEA StatiCa User Portal.

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