Known limitations for RFEM/RSTAB

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For now, the link works for a wide variety of connections/joints. However, please take into account yet unsupported functionality.

Limitation: Exporting a beam with a haunched end or another type of conical or other shaped beam ends is not possible.

Workaround:  The haunch is neglected and can be modeled afterward in IDEA StatiCa

Limitation: Exporting a connection on a continuous member without an intermediate node doesn't work.

Workaround:  Add the intermediate node using the command for members "Divide Member Using n Intermediate Nodes" and choose the "Place new nodes on the line without dividing it" so that the member stays continuous. You can do this in bulk if the whole structure is selected.

Limitation: Export of a node when the display setting "Sets of member" is turned ON may lead to incorrect data transfer for some member cross-sections and import of extra members or an error message.

Workaround: Turn the "Sets of member" OFF and repeat the export of the node.

Limitation: Geometrical eccentricity – joint node is not in the central point.

Workaround: RFEM/RSTAB offers more ways of input of eccentricities. The eccentricity input using the Local x,y,z coordinates causes difficulties in transforming the data to IDEA StatiCa due to the variety of coordinate system options in RFEM/RSTAB. In case, please use the Global X,Y,Z coordinates eccentricity input instead.