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For all who are familiar with IOM or want to make a parametric design, we have created a plugin for Grasshopper – a parametric modeling tool. The Grasshopper plugin enables many workflows for API scripters and people looking to generate connections of complex geometry.

About Rhino/Grasshopper

Rhino and Grasshopper is a powerful CAD modeling platform with a large array of plugins available for the architectural and engineering industry. As a parametric modeling tool, Grasshopper has created an extensive and well-maintained ecosystem of third-party plugins, interacting through their powerful geometry engine. Tekla, Revit and all major FEA software have plug-ins for Grasshopper.

How the plugin works

The Grasshopper plugin enables users to interact with IOM and the Connection API using a 'low code' visual programming approach.

Combining Grasshopper with IDEA StatiCa's Open Model and APIs creates an extremely powerful platform for the parametric definition of complex connection geometry plus the automation and optimization of connections.

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The comprehensive description of the IDEA plugin for Grasshopper with 'How to model Examples' is presented on the webpage Rhino to IDEA StatiCa workflow.

Download the new version of IDEA StatiCa and try all the features

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