BIM link activation for SAP2000 (v23 and newer)

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How to activate the link

  • You find the path to the plugin via Browser. The path: Program files/IDEA StatiCa/ StatiCa 2x.x (based on the IDEA StatiCa version)
  • Select the Checkbot plugin called: SAP2000v21PlugIn_IDEAStatiCa.dll 
  • Edit the name of the plugin displayed in your dropdown menu as IDEA StatiCa Checkbot
  • Add the plugin
SAP2000 integration
  •  You can find your new IDEA StatiCa Checkbot plugin in the Tools menu now

Legacy BIM link for old IDEA StatiCa versions

If you are still using the old BIM interface between SAP2000 and IDEA StatiCa Beam, you can select the respective plugin instead of the Checkbot one: SAP2000v21PlugIn_IDEA_Beam.dll