All welded double-angle connection (AISC)

This verification example takes a connection from AISC Design examples (Version 14.2, revised in April 2016) and compares the results with values obtained in IDEA StatiCa. Here we focus on example II.A 3 of the AISC Design examples which is All welded double-angle connection.

Type of connection: All welded double-angle connection

Unit system: Imperial

Designed acc. to: AISC Steel Construction Manual

Investigated: Welds, base material

Plate Materials: Beam and column – ASTM A992, angles – ASTM A36

Welds: Leg size = 3/16 and 1/4 in, electrode E70XX


Applied forces:

The maximum shear forces are applied for the connection to be utilized at 100 % in IDEA StatiCa Connection.

LRFD: Vz = −228 kN at position 7.5 in

ASD: Vz = −158 kN at position 7.5 in


The example is taken from AISC Design examples (Version 14.2, revised in April 2016) – Example II.A 3 All welded double-angle connection.

The minimum resistance of the welded double-angle connection is that of the weld between column flange and angle – 229 kips (LRFD) and 153 kips (ASD).

IDEA StatiCa Connection

The results of ASD is shown

Von Mises stress [MPa]


The results of both IDEA StatiCa and calculation according to AISC Design examples gives nearly identical values: 228 kips (LRFD) and 158 kips (ASD) in IDEA StatiCa and 229 kips (LRFD) and 153 kips (ASD) in AISC Design Example. The assessment in IDEA StatiCa slightly depends on the position of the shear force. The position near the center of gravity of the angle cross-section was selected.

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