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There are simple parts of a concrete structure, so called B-regions, and also complicated parts, so called D-regions. There is a lot of software to design the B-regions. IDEA StatiCa does both, using analytical  approach as well Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFM).

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Hundreds of analytical tests to verify the accuracy of all ULS and SLS checks

CSFM breaks the limits of geometry

Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFEM) is a method for the design and assessment of discontinuity regions in concrete structures. CSFM overcomes the limitations of classic design tools while keeping the advantages of stress fields and strut-and-tie models.

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IDEA StatiCa combines robust analysis and user-friendliness of the simple tools.

IDEA StatiCa detail was verified on multiple experiments

The results for ultimate load (strength) correspond very well and are slightly on the safe side. The results for deformation are also nice and the error is mainly on the safe side.

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IDEA StatiCa and the CSFM method inside is safe, accurate, and reliable. We encourage you to go through all our validation and verification documentation, especially the book by professor Walter Kaufmann - Compatible stress field design of structural concrete.

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