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49 results

Export any steel joint from Advance Steel to IDEA StatiCa

Truss joint design with open sections

Solving the steel-to-concrete connection challenge

Breaking down steel-to-concrete connection design and workflow limitations

Geometrically and materially nonlinear analysis (GMNA)

Negative volume – the new manufacturing operation

Export any steel joint from Tekla Structures to IDEA StatiCa

KarambaIDEA developed and released by the Dutch research project SMARTConnection

Automatic positioning of plates for steel joints

Different shear force values in bolts

Practical applications of IDEA StatiCa at ARUP

Capacity design – seismic analysis in IDEA StatiCa Connection

Good CBFEM discussion to enhance structural workflows!

Steel joints with PFCs: problem solved!

Arch corner with openings made of welded plates

Welds in IDEA StatiCa Connection

Mott MacDonald testimonial at 2018 User Day, London

How to design balustrade or cantilever anchoring?

Multiple columns in one base plate? NOT A PROBLEM!!

How to define the correct position of the load?

Frantisek Wald: Benchmark cases for advanced design of structural steel connections!