Parametric templates of bridge diaphragms

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The parametric diaphragms templates enable engineers to design and optimize quickly the shape by predefined parameters. The optimization is crucial for the time and material spend.

All the new templates in IDEA StatiCa Detail for bridge diaphragms are now parametric. With this feature, you can easily adjust the model geometry such as width, height, inclination of the edges, and many more parameters. Thanks to this, users can receive the desired shape and achieve maximal utilization of the concrete. 

This feature was introduced in the new IDEA StatiCa version 20, released in May 2020. 

Parametric diaphragms template save the time of engineering.

With parametric diaphragm templates, the shape optimization can be done in minutes with no design limits. If you cannot find the desired shape in the templates, you can always use the option to set a general shape using a DXF reference.

More about IDEA StatiCa version 20 

The new version of IDEA StatiCa is the biggest implementation of customer feedback and wishes we have had in years. 

Except for the new online licensing system, version 20 brought some more improvements for concrete design. Besides the parametric diaphragm templates, you can enjoy the feature for partially loaded areas and if you are designing for the British construction market, you would for sure welcome the implementation of the UK National Annex.

If you are more into the steel connection design, the highlights of the version are a section model view, 110 new connection templates added to the starting wizard, brand new steel-to-timber connections, or usability improvements thanks to the cross-section library favorites

Would you like to see more of the new features? Read full release notes for Concrete or even better – watch the recording of the version 20 introduction webinar:

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