New licensing system

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We knew for years, our customers and users were struggling with our licensing system. So, the time has come to change this — the new IDEA StatiCa version 20 turned over a new leaf and brought a revolution into our licensing system.

There were several reasons for such change

  • Our customers struggled with logistics related to license codes, license files, and dongles.
  • IDEA StatiCa license could not be fixed without the cooperation of the end-user (reactivation, etc.).
  • Our customers had to deploy the network license on their servers.
  • Company license could not be easily shared with employees on the road or on home-office

The new online licensing system of IDEA StatiCa solves all these issues and much more. 

The new licensing system introduction video

Key benefits for you

  1. The new licensing system is account-based, which means that all you need to start IDEA StatiCa 20 is to insert your username (by default, an email) and password.
  2. Everything is provided in a robust and secure IDEA StatiCa cloud for which users need only one thing to access – their username (by default, an email) and password.

How does the online license work?

  • IDEA StatiCa installation regularly checks with the IDEA StatiCa license server to update the license and verify product configuration.
  • IDEA StatiCa users do not have to be online all the time. The license will work for 72 hours without an internet connection. After that, connecting to the licensing server is necessary.
  • Admins, as well as end-users, can view/edit the license via IDEA StatiCa Customer portal, an online backend with their licensing data

What to do next?

Convincing, isn't it? OK, so you are now probably asking what you should do when you want to use all the benefits of the new licensing system. 

First of all, you have to install version 20. If you do not have it yet or you still consider buying it, you can always try it for free

To remove any doubts, we prepared for you detailed support documentation — licensing tutorials and FAQ. You can get more information also from the introduction of the new version, either from release notes or from the introductory webinar to version 20:

So, no more license codes! The only thing you need to remember is your credentials, we do the rest. You can focus on your daily job, not the licensing hassle. 

Need to stay on old licensing?

The old licensing systems (Eleckey, HASP) of versions up to 10.1 remains unchanged and functional. Lifetime entitlements (now called "Perpetual") will work indefinitely, but their technical support will be terminated on 30. 6. 2021. After this date, license resets, reactivations, and other licensing support will not be provided anymore. Kindly make sure that your organization migrates to version 20 as soon as possible.