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IDEA StatiCa is happy to announce that we have achieved another milestone: customer number 6000. Recently, we successfully delivered a license to Liphart Steel from Richmond, Virginia. Dave Eckrote, managing director of IDEA StatiCa US, personally delivered the certificate of appreciation.

About Liphart Steel

Liphart Steel boasts a long history. Established in 1938 by Ruben P. Liphart, the company has served as a major structural steel source and miscellaneous metal fabricator for over 84 years.

As a fabricator and erector of structural steel and miscellaneous metal, Liphart has successfully completed hundreds of specialized and innovative projects throughout Virginia and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic States. These projects have been as varied as an ornate circular stairway, a large industrial plant, a multi-story office building, or the steel structure of the Reveille Church.

To find more about Liphart Steel, you can visit the company web.

Thanks from IDEA StatiCa

As IDEA StatiCa successfully grows in the United States, we established a local branch office in Mount Laurel, New Jersey last year. 

As a thank you, Phil Lutz, Engineering Manager at Liphart Steel, received the certificate of appreciation and gift basket, delivered by our very own Dave Eckrote - Managing Director for the US market. 

The company purchased the application IDEA StatiCa about a month ago as they needed a solution for handling complex steel connections. They typically hire a connection engineer for their projects. Phil works with them and with their in-house detailers. With the improved IDEA StatiCa Connection Browser, they can share models back and forth very effectively now.

We wish Liphart Steel a lot of success in using IDEA StatiCa and looking forward to meet our 7000th customer soon!

Growing IDEA StatiCa community

IDEA StatiCa community is growing fast! When we announced information about the customer 5000, we had 85 active licenses in the United States. Now, not even a year after, the number has nearly doubled and is still growing. 

It is nice to see that the number of active users of IDEA StatiCa has grown from 17k to 23k since last June and to 5.4k active licenses!

We wish you a great summer!

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