Meet IDEA StatiCa customer number 5000

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IDEA StatiCa has reached a significant milestone in its development – its 5000th customer. Recently, we successfully delivered the IDEA StatiCa license to company CIMA+ in Montreal, Canada. We are happy to welcome customer number 5000 on board!

About CIMA+

Established in 1990, CIMA+ has developed into one of the largest consulting engineering firms in Canada, with over 2,300 employees in over 30 offices across the country, and 5 offices in Africa.

The major focus is to deliver a complete line of consulting engineering services and an extensive array of complementary services, specifically in the areas of project management, the environment, urban planning, and landscape architecture.

As a result of the proactive and customer-oriented approach of the CIMA+, there is Platinum Level for its 100 major infrastructure projects in Canada. The result of that success it´s also achieved by highly evaluated employees, who have ranked CIMA+ among the Best Employers in Canada for over twenty years, according to the Kincentric survey.

To learn more about CIMA+, you can visit the company web.

A gift from IDEA StatiCa

As thank CIMA+ for using IDEA StatiCa software, we organized the delivery of the Certificate of appreciation and 5000 grams of chocolate to the CIMA+ office.

CIMA+´s employees were pleasantly surprised by the visit of our sales representative and took a photo with the gift. On the left, you can see Francis Bergeron from Graitec (our reseller in Canada) with Claude Parent from CIMA+.

We wish success in using our software and thank again to the CIMA+ company.+

We are already looking to meet our customer number 6000.

An international community of engineers 

It is fantastic to see the spread of IDEA StatiCa around the world. We went right through the milestone to the current 5100 customers around the world. The 1st place is claimed by Italy, the United States getting stronger with 85 customers. 

From what we see from a very popular User Portal we created for you, there are over 17.000 active unique users of commercial licenses of IDEA StatiCa.

Have a great summer and calculate yesterday’s estimates!