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You can select the steel elements to connect from the Sismicad window and these will be exported to IDEA StatiCa, including the stresses useful for proceeding with the calculation of the connections. As part of the operation, the necessary materials and sections data will also be exported. The export of rolled sections, cold-formed sections, and generic-shaped steel sections is managed, and you can also export coupled or composite steel sections (i.e. formed by the coupling of two steel sections). The connection between Sismicad (by Concrete s.r.l.) and IDEA StatiCa, therefore, provides an efficient working methodology for your calculation of steel structures.


This third-party integration is developed and maintained by StruSoft. IDEA StatiCa does not take primary responsibility for maintaining this integration. All technical requirements and questions should be addressed to the link developer directly.

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How to get started

The connection between Sismicad and IDEA StatiCa does not require the installation of additional programs on either side. It’s possible to download and try the 14-day trial version free.

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