What is new in IDEA StatiCa 8.2 for Concrete

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  • 2017-10-26T00:00:00.0000000Z
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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Discontinuity regions
  • IDEA StatiCa Detail
  • Solution for walls
  • Solution for dapped ends with openings
  • BIM interfaces to other programs
  • Verification of the new software solution


Lukas Juricek
Lukas Juricek Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Filip Adler
Filip Adler Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
We are happy to announce the next version of IDEA StatiCa. Our new module IDEA StatiCa Detail is dedicated to discontinuity regions.

Now you can easily solve in minutes such things like:

dapped ends

walls with openings


frame joints, corbels, and much more.

Webinar recording