Summer Series – Design and check of RC beam from AxisVM

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • AxisVM BIM link with IDEA StatiCa concrete
  • Import of geometry, loads and load combinations
  • ULS and SLS check


Petra Komarkova
Petra Komarkova Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Imagine common engineering practice: Structural engineer designs a reinforced concrete hall-type building with the usual disposition and standard cross-sections of bearing members. The FEA program is used to model a hall-type structure.

The dimensions and reinforcement are estimated based on practical experience. You perform the code-checks for critical members, and your work is done! At the moment when large openings located at the ends of the beam combined with the hanging of subsidiary structures in the midspan of the beam are required, you need to go back to the design. You think of additional reinforcement, consider using of more complex model or analysis, and it costs your time. It is always a balance between safe, yet economical design of non-standard beam.

Join our Summer Series webinar and find out how to solve the design and the check of reinforced concrete beam weakened by large openings, simply and effectively in IDEA StatiCa with using of BIM link with AxisVM.

Objective 1 – Ultimate limit states checks (ULS)

One of ULS checks is a comparison of compression stress with the strength of the concrete. The figure shows the distribution of compression stresses in the concrete beam.

Objective 2 – Serviceability limit states checks (SLS)

The deflection check is a must check in field of building engineering. The figure shows the overall deflection of the beam including creep.

The webinar took part on Wednesday, July 22, 2020. 

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