IDEA StatiCa & FEM-Design Collaboration

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  • 2023-05-10T11:30:00.0000000Z
    (in your local time, 24-hour format)

Join the webinar and learn about

  • A brief introduction to StruSoft and FEM-Design
  • FEM-Design BIM: steel structure and loads
  • FEM-Design analysis and steel design
  • Live or file-based sharing of steel members and internal forces
  • Data import to IDEA StatiCa Checkbot
  • Connection design and code-check with IDEA StatiCa Connection
  • Results evaluation in IDEA StatiCa and print a report


Claus Jensen
Claus Jensen Structural Engineer
Ákos Rechtorisz
Ákos Rechtorisz Product Manager
Adam Kozousek
Adam Kozousek Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
In cooperation with the widely known software producer, we offer the established BIM workflow between the apps FEM-Design and Checkbot to enable their users to design and code-check steel connections most efficiently.

In this webinar, experts from StruSoft & IDEA StatiCa will introduce the applications and demonstrate live the entire workflow, such as introducing the global structural model in the FEM-Design app, establishing the BIM link and the data transfer to Checkbot, and designing and analyzing steel connections in the Connection app.

We will then let speak our dear guest - Claus Jensen, from the Danish office of Ramboll company. Claus will explain the ways he uses both software for his projects and share his experience and insights in the workflows.

All necessary details will be covered and discussed. At the end of the webinar, the speakers will be available to answer questions inputted in the GoTo Webinar platform by the audience.

FEM-Design and IDEA StatiCa

FEM-Design combined with IDEA StatiCa will allow you to model, design, load, and check steel connections of any topology and loading. And make this data available to your colleagues or subcontractors dealing with detailing and fabrication. See more about the BIM link.

FEM-Design workflow

What more?

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Try it on your own - get the free Trial license and follow the step-by-step tutorial for a simple steel connection.

Webinar recording