How to design RC beams and their details

From time to time we get to design more challenging reinforced concrete beams than usual. How to solve them with the more advanced approach with construction stages and all challenges in the design process? We will do our best to show practical workflow how to do that in IDEA StatiCa Beam and we will show one particular example of hanging in IDEA StatiCa Detail.

We will run two same sessions of this webinar on Tuesday, August 14th:
the first one at 11:00 CEST, followed by the other one at 12:00 EDT.

Register below for both at the same time and join the session that fits your day.
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Join the webinar and learn about:

  • How to model, load and support prefabricated reinforced concrete beam in a 3D
  • How to reinforce and code-check the beam
  • How to set the analysis for correct design
  • How to model, load, reinforce and calculate hanging in transport stage of a beam
  • How to use IDEA StatiCa Detail
  • Deliver clear results and plot them in a nice report


Filip Adler
Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa

Jana Kaderova
Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa