FE analysis of prestressed concrete beams with large openings

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Plan reinforcement optimally
  • Configure tendons correctly
  • Model loads accurately
  • Perform ULS and SLS checks
  • Consider cracking in concrete


Dr.-Ing. Aristidis Iliopoulos
Dr.-Ing. Aristidis Iliopoulos Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Maciej Kucharski
Maciej Kucharski Product engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Would you like to get a deeper insight into the world of structural analysis and concrete design? Then don't miss our upcoming webinar! We are pleased to invite you to our exclusive webinar on IDEA StatiCa, a sophisticated software program that takes the analysis of prestressed beams to a new level.

Discover the power of IDEA StatiCa: Webinar on the analysis of prestressed beams.

What can you expect?

In this webinar, we will provide you with a detailed insight into the functionalities of IDEA StatiCa and in particular, cover the analysis of prestressed beams. We will show you how to:

  • Plan the reinforcement optimally: Learn how IDEA StatiCa helps you to efficiently dimension the reinforcement of prestressed beams.
  • Configure the tendons correctly: We guide you through the process of entering tendons and show you how to calculate their effect on the load capacity.
  • Model the loads accurately: Learn how to enter and simulate loads and loading scenarios in IDEA StatiCa.
  • Perform ULS and SLS verifications: Discover how the program evaluates the ultimate limit state (ULS) and serviceability limit state (SLS) of beams and determines critical parameters.
  • Consider cracking in concrete: Learn how IDEA StatiCa effectively considers cracking of concrete.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is aimed at engineers, construction professionals, and anyone with an interest in advanced structural analysis and concrete design tools. Newcomers are also welcome!

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