Cast in situ wall – Ruzomberok (Slovakia)

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Types of transfer devices for internal force from the joints
  • Rebar optimization
  • Topology optimization
  • Bond stress on the anchors, anchorage type of the reinforcement


Orsolya Kartali
Orsolya Kartali Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Lukas Juricek
Lukas Juricek Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
How often have you faced the situations when you were dealing with a non–standard topology of the walls with complicated anchoring of steel joints? When it is necessary to solve anchoring areas in the concrete walls, junction of the wall to the ceiling, or place big openings?

Join the webinar where we will introduce, how to break the limits and find the way how to load, reinforce, and check this wall using a unique CSFM method concealed in the IDEA StatiCa Detail application.

We will show the real project of a Slovakia based company – Betkoprojekt, on which the main types of the transfer devices used for correct modeling of each entity will be explained. We are going to simulate the loads in the area of the ceiling junction to the wall with an opening or anchoring of the shear joint to the concrete wall.

More about company Betkoprojekt s.r.o.:

We will use the topology optimization for the correct input of the reinforcement bars to the areas of the maximum tension. Subsequently, we will design the whole structure in the most economical way. As the final step, we will analyze and code check the wall according to valid Eurocodes.

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