Improving daily work of engineers

IDEA StatiCa can design steel connections and concrete details of any topology and loaded in all directions. It keeps the whole
analysis-design-check process in minutes. This opens a possibility for structural engineers and fabricators around the world to
increase their productivity while keeping safety first.

Stay on the safe-side with all checks according to selected national codes at hand at any time.
70% of the design time is spent on 30% non‑standard connections and beams. Do them in minutes as well.
Know exactly how much material is needed in the joint or beam to satisfy the code. And take advantage of it.
Robert Weeden
Technical Director - CEng MIStructE MICE
Caunton Engineering Limited - United Kingdom

This has the potential to be game-changing connection design software, there is nothing else like it currently available.

Ioannis Konstantinidis
Civil Engineer, Beng (Hons), Msc
Gorge Fabrications - United Kingdom

A very good and powerful tool for engineers and connection designers. I would strongly recommend it.

Aris Theodorou
Civil Engineer, AUTH, MSc
SDeng - Greece

The software gives us design capabilities for non-regular steel joints that no other software can provide in the same limited time.

Paul Heathcote
BEng (Hons) DIS PhD CEng MIStructE
Abacus Design Associates Ltd - United Kingdom

Once you have used the software for a while it becomes quite intuitive and therefore much easier to use. It is very powerful in terms of the complexity of connections that it can cope with.

Antony Joseph
Structural Engineer
TTW (Thaylor Tomson Whitting) - Australia

The software is very powerful and easy to use! It will be even better when more support is provided for international codes!

Alastair MacLean
Head of Engineering
BiFab - United Kingdom

Powerful, versatile and easy-to-use software.

Alan Busvine
Structural Engineer
Bourne Construction Engineering - United Kingdom

Powerful software that enables more rigorous and efficient checking of complex connections, and exploration of alternatives. However this power means that it is imperative the engineer ensures the modelling is appropriate to the problem, to ensure a valid result.

Paul Benwell
Associate Director
Bourne Construction Engineering - United Kingdom

This is an interesting development in connection design software with significant potential, particularly for the design of "non-standard" connections.

Cenek Laub
Head of engineering department
CEPS Invest - Czech Republic

Maintaining and developing electricity network in the Czech Republic is full of challenging tasks. With IDEA StatiCa Connection, joint design got much easier and faster for us.

Dalibor Diviš
Design department
PRIS - Czech Republic

"IDEA StatiCa filled a gap in our existing software equipment - detailed TDA analysis of concrete structures and assessment of reinforced concrete and prestressed structures. It fits into our workflow with SCIA Engineer. IDEA is also one of the few companies dedicated to development new tools for bridge design."

Pavel Stibor
Promstal engineering - Czech Republic

We originally used IDEA Connection only for complicated nodes. With templates, we began using the software for even easier joints, because the graphical outputs help us to to sell our work.

Petr Fojtik
Structural Engineer
FIRESTA - Czech Republic

From all IDEA StatiCa applications, we use mainly the module Connection. Thanks to it we can design joints we were not able to solve before. And do it quickly. We also like the user interface.

Miroslav Sommer
Projekt OKV - Czech republic

We deal with structural analysis of various steel structures and aluminium framed facades. We use IDEA StatiCa for optimization of steel joints. It enables us to make more economical designs than our competitors.

Viktor Cechacek
Structural Engineer
PK OSSENDORF - Czech Republic

We design large infrastructure projects and bridges. We have been using IDEA StatiCa for 3 years. The biggest advantage for me is that I can work much faster and more efficiently than before. I like that the program is user friendly and simple. Easy input, easy design, it helps me a lot.

Stanislav Jurco
Structural Engineer
AVG group - Slovakia

We do turn-key deliveries of steel warehouses. We are using IDEA StatiCa to design and check these warehouses and their joints. Today we can calculate what we had to estimate in the past.

Adam Vesely
Fischer International - Czech republic

What I like about IDEA StatiCa is that it solves all the structural details of a steel structure, including anchoring. This makes it much easier for engineers to do their work.

Kamil Rerucha
Construction engineer
PK OSSENDORF - Czech republic

4 years ago, we were establishing a new engineering team and were looking for suitable software. We chose IDEA StatiCa because we saw strong commitment for quality from its creators. We have been using it extensively and appreciate very much the technical support we get when we need it.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Schueremans
Engineering Manager
FRISOMAT - Belgium

IDEA Connection works easy and fast. There is no other alternative solution on the market that provides both FEM and Component Based Method. IDEA Statica is a solid and good tool for the design of our steel connections.

Frits Boot
Structural Engineering F. Boot - Netherlads

What until recently was hardly manageable with available software, IDEA Connection makes possible. We can design almost all connections in 3D and achieve their optimal topology.

Alexander van Beelen
Oostingh Staalbouw - Netherlands

Gives better and new understanding of the forces in connections. Reporting may get some improvement.

Marcel van Odenhoven
Staalbouwkundig Adviesburo Van Odenhoven - Netherlands

IDEA Connection is a very helpful package for the modeling of a wide range of joints in steel structures. Modeling and interpretation of the results requires an understanding of the forces within a node and is equal to the complexity of the connection.

ir. Wouter Geelen
Teamleader Industrie & IPC
MACOBO Engineering - Belgium

Our projects are complex (steel) construction projects, also within very specific niche markets, eg electricity pylons. IDEA Connection is able to make sophisticated calculations of such complex compounds, where other programs drop out. With IDEA Connection, we show our deep expertise.

dr. ir. Peter Buffel
CTO Steel Engineering
TRACTEBEL Engineering _ Belgium

IDEA Statica Connection makes it possible to calculate strength and rigidity even for extremely complex cases where hand calculations are impossible and other software fails.

ir. Dieter Vanlommel
Studie- en Stabiliteitsbureau Vanlommel - Belgium

IDEA Connection has become necessary for our daily use. The practical use and fast calculations ensure a very effective result.

Michael Gustafson, P.E.
Industry Strategy Manager
Autodesk – United States

We are happy to see IDEA StatiCa technology integrated into the BIM process, helping structural engineers better design and optimize their steel connections.

Ing. Jan Blažík
Construction engineer
Havířov - Czech republic

I have been using IDEA StatiCa for 2 years. I am very satisfied and recommend it to all fellow structural engineers who deal with structural analysis and design of steel structures. It is a powerful tool.

Javier Botana
Structural Engineer
TAUXME, S.A. - Spain

With IDEA Connection we have found a very powerful and visually attractive tool that is allowing us to develop connections more effectively and also making it possible to calculate some connections not covered by the current codes.

Cesc Aldabó
Structural Engineer
INDUS Ingeniería y Arquitectura S.L. - Spain

A super-powerful and fast way to analyze nearly all kinds of steel connections. Thanks to its compatibility with other software (Consteel, Tekla,…) and its constant evolution, a simplified and faster process of connection’s analysis is achieved.

Industrial engineer

Incredible program of great potential and easy handling. It is able to solve all types of joints in structures

Daniele Tonelli
Structural Engineer
Hepta Proyectos S.A.S. - Colombia

Friendly software that allowed us to analyze non-standard connections in short time, guaranteeing a precise calculation of the structural details. The support is very professional. Software updates are frequent and take into account user feedback.

Michele Gallinelli
Structural engineer
Freelancer - Italy

Very good software, really useful for understanding what is happening in a real node, which otherwise would be impossible. I use it to design and optimize steel connection and I am very satisfied.

Stefano Tortella
Partner and head of structural engineering
AEGIS Canterelli + Partners - Italy

One of the most innovative software recently developed.
Strongly recommended for all steel structure designers.

Clive Robinson
Interoperability Manager
Trimble Solutions Corporation - USA

We are pleased to be have been assisting the IDEA developers over the past year to ensure that the Tekla Structures / IDEA Connection workflow will support the most complicated steel connection transfer that is required by our mutual clients.

Graham Aldwinckle
Associate Director
ARUP London / UK

We as engineers have to know, that what we are providing is fully buildable and designable. There is no point in offering a connection to a contractor to design if that isn’t the case. IDEA StatiCa allows us to take the output from - let’s say an Advance Steel model - and very quickly run through these options.

Tolga Aydoner
Structural Engineer, Chief Engineer
Galpan Steel Structures - Turkey

IDEA Connection is the most powerful, fast and efficient software we ever met in the market. We turned weeks of a traditional connection design work package of a stadium steel roof in one of our mega projects into only days of a work by using IDEA Connection together with our analysis software.

Ailton Ripamonte
Aço Vertical - Brasil

We work with little jobs and special connections all the time. We use AxisvM export to IDEA StatiCa Connection all the time and save a lot of time since the time we decided to use IDEA Statica Connections.

Balazs Pallos
Structural engineer, CEO
BASE-Invest / Hungary

You can feel the behavior of the connection. It is much easier to understand the structure with this innovative software.

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Dr. Wilhelm Fischer
Structural Engineer

I have been using SCIA Engineer or its predecessor versions for more than 30 years out of conviction for this product. IDEA Connection is one of the best supplementary modules for steel construction, which I have ever met during this time. The checks of connection are almost unlimited. They perfectly complement the SCIA connections and getting acquainted with the module can be accomplished with a manageable effort.

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Dipl.-Ing. Franz
Construction engineer
LGA Bayern, Germany

With IDEA Connection, we have the ability to demonstrate both simple and complex steel work connections using finite element methods. After a short training period, the entry of the connection geometries and loads - in contrast to most general finite element programs - succeeds surprisingly fast, all inputs are displayed directly in a 3D construction view of the connection. After calculating the connection, in addition to stresses, strains and utilization, intermediate values (forces in the single screws, welds and the rotational rigidity according to DIN EN 1993-1-8, ...) can be determined, so that a reference to the component model of the Eurocode is given.

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Dipl.-Ing. Christian Esser
Structural Engineer
IB Monath, Germany

Working with IDEA Connection considerably simplifies the entire field of connection design. Even complex connections can now be designed and checked and replace many separate analysis’s.

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Ing. Gábor Szabó, PhD.
Bridges designer
REMING CONSULT, a.s. - Slovak republic

I am using IDEA StatiCa software from the very beginning. Continuous innovation, progressive extension of calculation possibilities and efforts to cover the requirements of users convinced me that the investment in this product returns several times.

Malek Ezzat Abdulkhalek
Structural engineer
Kuwaiti AL-kuthban company

IDEA StatiCa gave me great confidence in complex connection design. It is a user friendly program easy to learn, and I would like to thank you for the regular seminars. I strongly recommended your software for all steel structure designers.

Brett Mathieson
General Manager
Watkins Steel - Australia

Through our internal engineer, we used IDEA StatiCa for the optimization of steel connections on a project we were bidding. We identified savings of approx 10% on the package value which enabled us to secure the works. It enabled us to differentiate our bid from our competition and add value to the overall project for our client.

Rajed Maglinte
AKYLAS, INC - Philippines

I have been searching for a connection design software for almost a decade now that could verify our assumptions in doing complex connections. Prior to having IDEA Statica, we tend to introduce conservatism when designing connections with complex geometry. Thanks to IDEA Statica we can now verify our work, and not only that, we can now explore other connection geometries that are safe and economical.

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Asoc. Prof. Dr. Sc. Ing. Liga Gaile
SM&G Projects Latvia

To my knowledge, IDEA StatiCa is currently the best commercial steel connection design software to quickly understand 3D deformation process of the connection and elastic and plastic strain distribution. A very useful tool not only for practitioners but also for students and teachers to demonstrate the complex connection behavior!

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