INHUS Engineering

The INHUS Engineering team, which unites more than 100 engineers and design professionals, is one of the largest companies in the field of structural design in the region of the Baltic States.

Both Lithuanian and Scandinavian customers are using our services. We have extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the design norms, national standards, design traditions and other requirements of these countries.

We design structures using 3D calculation and modeling programs such as Tekla Structures, SOFiSTiK, Dlubal, MIDAS, GEO5 and others. Our specialists are constantly raising their expertise and interest in the application of the most advanced design technologies, and INHUS Engineering is constantly investing in increasing the capacity of the team.

Over the past few years, our activities have been evaluated in both Lithuanian and foreign competitions. We are the winners of Lithuanian BIM Project, we managed to win the international Open BIM Awards and Tekla BIM Awards events, therefore we are very well recognized in the world of BIM.