Supported BIM links in version 23.0

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The latest two major releases supported

We have taken several actions to ensure the consistent update process of our BIM links. In each major release of IDEA StatiCa (this year, it will be 23.0 and 23.1), we support the two most recent major releases of each linked application. The older versions become obsolete, this happens in major IDEA releases only (patches will never disconnect older versions). On the other hand, when a new major release of the BIM application comes, we develop/update the link in two months – the link appears in a patch of IDEA StatiCa.

The current state of the supported versions is always presented on our website. With the 23.1 release, we will support the versions presented in the first column of the table. The “In development” column represents the newest versions that will start to be supported in a patch of 23.1. The fourth column shows versions that are no longer supported.

The older versions of BIM-linked applications may still be used. Nevertheless, we will not actively support the projects or fix possible bugs.

The currently supported versions in the latest IDEA StatiCa patch can be found in the BIM links: Supported versions of 3rd party applications page.

Available in Expert (FEA links) and Enhanced (all BIM links) edition.

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