SCI Publications P358 and P398 - Design examples

Following on from the new design check for horizontal tying we have been asked if we have the examples contained within (what is affectionately known as) 'the green books'. We used some of these examples in the webinar broadcast to coincide with the release - now we have decided to post them here.

In the zip file there are several examples - all but one are taken from P358 - and cover the new horizontal tying analysis method.

Design example 1 -Partial depth end plate - beam to beam 
Design example 2 - Partial depth end plate - beam to column
Design example 1 - Full depth end plate - beam to column
Design example 2 - Full depth end plate - beam to column
Design example 1 - Fin plate - beam to beam
Design example 2 - Fin plate - beam to column
Design example 3 - Fin plate - beam to SHS column
Design example 4 - Fin plate - beam to CHS column

The example taken from P398 covers the new feature welds and contact.

Design example Appendix E - column base plate

You can view the recording of the webinar by using the following link: Connection Wednesdays - Horizontal tying & welding improvements.

These examples are provided as is and solely for your use to compare the design examples contained within the green books with the results obtained form IDEA StatiCa Connection. They should not be used for any other purpose.

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