Release notes IDEA StatiCa Steel 8.1

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Version 8.1 is the next chapter in reinventing steel connection design. It has a lot of new features and improvements, the majority of which were inspired by our customers, resellers, and partners.


  • Implementation of CISC code. Implemented checks:
    • bolts
    • preloaded bolts
    • welds
    • plates
  • BIM improvements
  • Member Capacity Design analysis improvements
  • User interface improvements

Implementation of CISC code

We implemented code checks for the bolts, preloaded bolts, welds, and plates by CISC code.

BIM links with CAD programs

  • Link Tekla Structures – a new command for the CISC code import
  • Link Advance Steel – a new command for the CISC code import

BIM links with FEA programs

  • Advance Design link

Member Capacity Design improvement

A new improvement based on the user request. The value of the bending moment is calculated and cannot be changed. Now the two load cases are created, with the same bending moment but with a different orientation.

Improvement of the user interface

For more clear arrangement the Design settings window is always displayed in the Design and Check view.

Also for the clear information about the performed analysis the information about Buckling analysis is displayed every time.

A new localization of the IDEA StatiCa – French!