Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing version 9

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Some of the below-mentioned improvements have been released in the latest patches of IDEA StatiCa 8.2.

Lateral instability for slender beams

New check is now available (as default) in Beam, BIM and Frame applications in Concrete Design 1D. Checkbox for switching on/off is in last section of Data and input of relevant values is in the new Lateral stability tab in navigator. The results can be obtained for both, persistent and transient situations according to EN 1992-1-1 article 5.9 (3).

Elastic modulus input in construction stages

A possibility to specify elastic modulus of concrete in a construction stage – Transfer of prestressing is now added. The whole logic is an analogy to user-specified concrete strength available for some time now. Once user set this value, IDEA will recalculate equivalent age of concrete member and allow this situation by the code exception, when you test and verify elastic modulus value.

Midas Civil BIM link improvement

A small improvement for our users of BIM link between Midas Civil and IDEA StatiCa BIM. Two dialogs at the beginning of process can be avoided if we do two things.

• Save settings

Once we set all checkboxes as desired, we can tick checkbox “Do not show this dialog again” and Save settings. They can be changed anytime later by following ribbon button Settings:

• Have correct data

If we don´t find any non-conformity in your imported project, the next dialog won´t pop-up. In case we find one, it will appear automatically. If you would like to review them later, it will be possible now by previously shown ribbon button Nonconformities.

Another improvement is helpful while trying to find missing or redundant load cases in combinations. E.g., if the permanent load case is included in combination prescription but is not to be found in any of construction stages, we might get wrong values or the combination won´t be taken into account (marked as incorrect). It can be accessed in Reinforcement tab before the export to RCS.