Reinforcement for 2D elements

A shell element measuring 1m x 1m is defined for the check. Reinforcement is input into this shell element. Reinforcement per linear meter is taken into account for the check of the 2D member.

Predefined reinforcement templates can be used to input the reinforcement to the upper and the lower edges. It is possible to input general reinforcement into the slab.

The input of reinforcement using reinforcement templates

IDEA RCS supplies two templates for the input of reinforcement into a 2D element. One template is for the input of reinforcement at the upper surface, the other one is for the input of reinforcement at the lower surface.

Both templates allow input of orthogonal reinforcement at the surfaces of the 2D element. Both templates enable the rotation of reinforcement about the local x-axis of the 2D element.

\[ \textsf{\textit{\footnotesize{Dialog for the definition of 2D reinforcement}}}\]

\[ \textsf{\textit{\footnotesize{Schema of defined reinforcement at the lower surface of 2D element}}}\]

The input of general reinforcement

Each reinforcement layer is defined in the section and in the plan.

\[ \textsf{\textit{\footnotesize{General input}}}\]

Type of reinforcement

The type of reinforcement bar has to be defined to be able to perform the check of detailing provisions. For 2D elements of type

  • Slab and shell–slab – for checks according to EN 1992-1-1, art.
    • Main reinforcement
    • Distribution reinforcement
  • Wall, Shell-wall, and Deep beam – for check according to EN 1992-1-1, art 9.6.2 and 9.6.3
    • Horizontal reinforcement
    • Vertical reinforcement
The distribution reinforcement of slabs and shell-slabs is taken into account only for the check of detailing provisions, it is not used in other checks of the 2D elements.