Prediction of the Connection deformation capacity

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This paper introduces the prediction of the deformation capacity of structural steel connections by the component-based finite element method (CBFEM).

The distribution of internal forces in connection is analyzed by FEA. The prediction of deformation capacity is verified on the behavior of the T-stub, the column web panel in shear, and the beam splices. The connectors’ behavior is modeled by analytical models as components. The influence of the limits of materials strain and the estimation of the strain hardening and upper values material yield stress is described on the beam to column welded connection. The sensitivity study of connection deformation capacity shows applicability for practical design solutions.

The work was published by Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Steel and Timber Structures. 

Team: Lukas Godrich, Frantisek Wald, Lubomir Sabatka, Marta Kurejkova, Jaromir Kabelac

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