Multi level member and connection design

This article describes the advanced design of joints and their validation and verification is shown. The influence of joints on the design of members is described, and the possibility to design the whole joint-member-joint substructure is outlined.

The global analysis of steel structures is carried out by Finite Element Analyses (FEA) and all the traditional procedures are not used anymore. In the new generation of structural steel Eurocodes after 2021 will be organized the knowledge in volume EN 1993-1-4:2021 Design of steel structures by finite element method. The member design is influenced by joint design. The sensitivity to bending stiffness is the simplest example. It is a challenge for an engineer from the first systematic tests in 1917. This contribution shows the advanced design of joints and their Validation and Verification and how the member design including joints will be treated in the next future.

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