Known limitations for Tekla Structural Designer

For now, the link works for a wide variety of connections/joints.  However, please take into account the unsupported functionality.

Please also refer to the Tekla Structural Designer pages for additional information.

Limitation: In IDEA StatiCa, a connection can only be designed only between two members.  In Tekla Structural Designer it is possible to define a connection between spans on one member.  A connection defined between spans in Tekla Structural Designer cannot be imported and designed in the IDEA StatiCa environment.  The import will end up as an empty scene in Checkbot.

Workaround: In Tekla Structural Designer use the command "Split" (1) for dividing the selected member in spans (2). Once the member is divided, regenerate the Connection in Tekla Structural Designer (3), connections are then generated between two members and they will be correctly imported to IDEA StatiCa.

When members are split in spans, please remember to check the fixities on the ends of newly created members.  Wrong fixity settings will affect internal forces.

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