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Why to create a new website about the IDEA API? It's the response to the market demand for more and more information about how to connect and tailor-made the data interconnections. BIM link creators, Design automation tool developers, and visual programming experts can now find everything easier.

Where to find it then?

developer.ideastatica.com is the way to go. 

This new developer documentation site will give IDEA StatiCa third-party developers and API scripters a single access point for information relating to IDEA StatiCa public services and code.

The site links together static documentation, code documentation, and specific examples for all the personas mentioned in the lead paragraph.

Improvements compared to the previous state

  • The public GitHub web page provides a lot of useful information but it may not be that easy to navigate through. Therefore we are going to provide developers with a single access point.
  • Breaking change release notes will help to notify developers when and how they need to update their third-party apps.
  • Providing a distinction between public WIP developments (should not be used as products) and those that are working products with documentation.
  • Wiki provides the ability to create code documentation and tie it to classes and concepts.
  • Wiki is automatically updated and maintained.
  • Examples are easily accessible from the documentation.

The site is split into 4 distinct sections:

  • IDEA Open Model (IOM) - Section relating to the creation and specification of the IOM Data model.
  • BIM Links (BIM API) - Section relating to the creation of Checkbot BIM Links using the BIM API framework.
  • Design API (API) - Section relating to Design App API's.
  • Extensions - Section relating to Extensions created on top of the design app API's.

Download and try features of IDEA StatiCa 23.1

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