1 How to activate the link

To integrate the IDEA StatiCa plugin into STAAD.Pro, open the BIM link installer: under the BIM tab, select Activate your BIM link (1). You may be asked by the operating system to confirm access (2). 

Select the Install button (3) next to STAAD.Pro. You should see the "Installed" status now.

BIM link integration

To finish the integration, you need to add the plugin to the User tools inside STAAD.Pro as well. Open STAAD.Pro project (you can use the tutorial project). 

Under Utilities in the top ribbon, select User Tools - Configure (1). Here, add the plugin as a new user-defined tool (2):

  • Menu items (3): IDEA StatiCa
  • Command (4): C:\Program Files\IDEA StatiCa\StatiCa 20.1\IDEAStatiCa.vbs
  • Initial Directory (5): C:\Program Files\IDEA StatiCa\StatiCa 20.1\
BIM link integration

Confirm by OK (6). 

The IDEA StatiCa plugin has been added and can be accessed under User Tools now.

BIM link integration

Please see the remarks about the limitations of this BIM link.